Sometimes you know your marriage needs some changes. You and your spouse both have a general feeling that things could be better, but the way to improve things isn’t clear to either or you. Often, your marriage doesn’t need a gigantic change, it would benefit by a few simple tweaks. Here are some ideas of a few things that you and your spouse could stand to do a little more of and a little less of. A little more … Eye contact Life can get so busy that we speak to each other in passing and hardly spend a meaningful […]

What have you been assuming will “just take care of itself” in your marriage? What have you been avoiding talking about in your marriage? What habits exist in your marriage that you need to break? What new practices do you need to add to your marriage? These are potentially life-changing questions you need to be asking yourself. If you don’t make changes in your marriage today, when will you? Will you wake up together in twenty years and wonder why things are still just ho-hum and not amazing? (Do you even believe that your marriage can be amazing?) Will you […]

After an affair the jumble of raw emotions you feel can be completely overwhelming. You can experience so many intense feelings in such a short amount of time that you begin to feel lost in the mire of your feelings. The emotions that you are feeling are part of the grieving process. It’s very important that you take the time to grieve what you’ve lost because of your spouse’s affair. If you attempt to shortcut your grieving process, you end up suffering longer than you need to in the long run. Grief isn’t something that you can cover up and […]

One of the things that makes infidelity so unbearable is the intense grief that accompanies it. That may sound obvious. But you may be one of the many people who go through life up to that point with relative stability. The infidelity can be the most severe feeling of loss that you have ever experienced. You find that you are underprepared for the onslaught of emotions that you incur upon discovering the affair. It’s hard to understand the surge of emotions (or perhaps non-emotion at first) that you are feeling. What is going on with you? Why do you feel […]

Your spouse cheated on you and now it’s Christmas time. There are family get-togethers and parties with friends. You’re expected to go to these events. You probably will. But how will you survive them now that there is a black cloud of betrayal hanging over your head every day? Your situation could have two scenarios. 1) The people in your social circle know about the affair. 2) The people in your social circle don’t know about the affair. A third scenario would be that only some of the people at a particular get-together know about the affair, but the solutions […]