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Survival Guides: 21 Things You Need to Know in the First 90 Days

betrayed   unfaithful
When you first find out about your spouse’s affair, it feels like your whole world is crashing in on you. Your mind races. You feel nauseated. You can’t sleep. You don’t know if you should just curl up in a ball and cry, throw things, call a shrink, or kick the cheater out. How can you bring a little sanity to your situation.

We wrote our Survival Guides (one for the Betrayed and one for the Unfaithful) so that you can take a deep breath and get some clarity about your situation. They’re free. Please download them now and gain a professional perspective about how to handle this unwanted situation you find yourself in.

Cheat Sheet of 50 Nice Things to Say to Your Spouse (because you know you should but sometimes you can’t think of anything)
It is said that it takes at least 10 positive statements to cancel out just one negative statement. Are you in the red with the verbiage in your marriage?

The truth is we could all be more proactive in building up our spouse with our words. But if the two of you have been in a “marriage low point” for a while, you may need help just coming up with nice-ities to engage your spouse. Download this free cheat sheet and start proactively improving the temperature of your relationship.

Weekday Word with Andy Hadaway
Andy’s podcast stems from his own daily study of Scripture. He simply records his thoughts four days a week and uploads them for anyone who would like to listen.

(available for purchase)

From Reeling to Restored in Five Weeks  Don’t put off affair recovery for another minute. This online course is your A-Z blueprint for understanding why the affair happened, how to heal from it, and how to keep it from happening again. It contains 25 brief video/audio lessons, worksheets, exercises and conversation starters.

If you are a couple who want to stay together, but could use some guidance and advice, this is the course for you. Click the link to see specific class titles and pricing.