Everyone knows how to avoid an affair, right? Well yes, it seems pretty clear that you shouldn’t grab a hotel room with someone you’re not married to, but what about before that? What are the basic things you should avoid doing if you want to stay faithful to your spouse forever? I’ve compiled a list for you: Don’t have friends of the opposite sex that your spouse doesn’t know about. Don’t spend time alone (which seems strangely similar to a “date”, right?) with friends of the opposite sex. The conversation may seem like small talk at first, but you will […]

Life is a struggle. From the process of birth to the last moments you draw breath. It takes effort and determination to come into this world and to stay alive and thrive in it. Everything you want in this life you will have to work hard for. What is worth struggling for? What is not? Where should you invest your efforts to get what you really desire out of life? You get to choose what you want to struggle for. If you were to ask the average person what they consider to be essential for a good life, you would […]

When you learn of your spouse’s affair, it feels so disempowering. The one you love has deceived you. He or she has acted without regard for your feelings or for the best interest of your family. Along with the flood of emotions you feel at that point, you probably also feel powerless over your life. You were the faithful one, the one who kept the marriage vows, the one who was all in. And now you feel like you’ve been stabbed in the back by the one who promised to love you for better or worse. What can you do […]