Have you taken a look backward lately? If you’re like me, you hardly ever look behind you at the past. You’re much more focused on how much ground you still have to cover and how fast you can get there–no matter the situation. But I think it can be really helpful to take inventory of your successes sometimes, especially when it comes to affair recovery. It can be so daunting to look at the future and wonder if you will ever make it to having the relationship that you want to have. If you take a few minutes to look […]

My husband’s affair caused me to lose several things. There were physical losses such as. sleep, appetite, and focus. There were also emotional losses like the ability to control my thoughts from obsessing. But those losses were all short lived. It’s the more permanent losses that came through the recovery process that I’m most glad about. And I hope to remain in the loss of these things for a lifetime. I lost the pressure to appear “perfect” to everyone. Facing friends and acquaintances after we told everyone about the affair was awkward at first. But I survived it. Surviving that […]