One of the things that makes infidelity so unbearable is the intense grief that accompanies it. That may sound obvious. But you may be one of the many people who go through life up to that point with relative stability. The infidelity can be the most severe feeling of loss that you have ever experienced. You find that you are underprepared for the onslaught of emotions that you incur upon discovering the affair. It’s hard to understand the surge of emotions (or perhaps non-emotion at first) that you are feeling. What is going on with you? Why do you feel […]

If you have just learned that your spouse had an affair, you feel like crap right now. First, I want to tell you how sorry I am that this has happened to you. You do not deserve this and you did not cause it either. Second, I want to tell you that your life will feel crazy for a while. Hang in there. There is hope for getting through your emotions and helping yourself feel more normal again. I don’t expect you to believe me right now, but in time, you will be able to breathe again. But for now, […]