Sometimes you know your marriage needs some changes. You and your spouse both have a general feeling that things could be better, but the way to improve things isn’t clear to either or you. Often, your marriage doesn’t need a gigantic change, it would benefit by a few simple tweaks. Here are some ideas of a few things that you and your spouse could stand to do a little more of and a little less of. A little more … Eye contact Life can get so busy that we speak to each other in passing and hardly spend a meaningful […]

When you break your arm, you know you’re healed when the doctor removes the cast. When you have chicken pox, you know you’re healed when the spots go away. How do you know when you’ve healed from a broken heart associated with infidelity? I’ve listed several waypoints you can look at in your life to confirm that healing has taken place. I hope they will help you gauge your progress toward healing. But first, I want to draw your attention to some factors that do not necessarily confirm that healing has taken place. Time is not a factor. A friend […]

Some people are in happy marriages. Some people are in unhappy marriages. What makes the difference? It’s partly the things they do for each other, but it’s just as much the things they don’t do. They don’t keep score. Marriage involves two imperfect human beings living together and sharing their lives together. One of them is bound to let the other one down sometimes. One of them is bound to tick the other one off. Both of them inevitably have habits the other person finds annoying. That’s just the way it is. People have flaws. You can choose to overlook […]