It’s very important for the betrayer to answer all the questions of the betrayed spouse. Having answers helps calm the obsessive thoughts of the betrayed. Being truthful and honest about the affair also helps the betrayer begin to rebuild some credibility. Oftentimes, the same question will be asked over and over again by the betrayed spouse and it’s important for the betrayer to answer the same question over and over as if it’s the first time. This needs to happen for as long as the betrayed partner needs it to happen. There are some good reasons for this, but I […]

I read an affair recovery forum the other day where a woman was asking for advice about what gift she should buy for her unfaithful husband for Christmas. Their relationship is not yet mended. She was uninspired to buy anything, but she didn’t want to make the kids wonder why she didn’t buy their dad a gift. Lots of people commented with bland suggestions. Lots of people commented with snarky suggestions. I wonder what she’ll end up buying? “What does my spouse want for Christmas?” is a question no unfaithful spouse should ever need to ask. The list is very […]