In part one, I wrote about the importance of focusing on being a whole, complete, secure individual (a “one”), before we can ever hope to find intimacy as a couple (a “two”). It is unfair and unrealistic to think that your spouse or your marriage will fix what is broken in you. In this post we will explore how learning these truths applies to 5 relationship scenarios. Application to Singles and Pre-Marrieds If you are single, please don’t move on to adding a two until you’ve gotten a grip on one. You certainly don’t have to be perfect before you […]

It’s among the first things we learn as children: one comes before two. The fact that one comes before two may have been one of the first absolute, self-evident truths that I embraced. Relationships By The Numbers Yet, I forgot that one came before two, especially as applied to my relationships and myself. I don’t mean that I forgot to put myself first (one) before others (two). No one needed to teach me that either. I knew from birth how to look out for numero uno. What I mean is that instead of understanding the importance of being a healthy, […]