Have you ever had the experience of dining at a new restaurant and being completely underwhelmed? Maybe a friend told you how great the food and atmosphere was. She went on and on about the entrees and the exceptional service. Your hopes were really high and you couldn’t wait to order the chocolate mocha mousse she raved about. But the night you visited, you were seated in a dark little corner, the server got your order wrong, your entree was overcooked, and they had just run out of chocolate mocha mousse! You were NOT happy! You had extremely high expectations […]

“Why is she so angry? I told her I was sorry two months ago. I can’t believe she won’t let this go. Why can’t she just move on and let things get back to normal?” If you are the unfaithful spouse, it’s very likely that you’ve said these words to yourself before. You may have even said them out loud to your extremely emotional betrayed spouse. You’ve apologized, asked for forgiveness, promised to never cheat again, and you are ready to stop talking and thinking about the affair now. You are tired of your spouse being so distraught over something […]

If you have just learned that your spouse had an affair, you feel like crap right now. First, I want to tell you how sorry I am that this has happened to you. You do not deserve this and you did not cause it either. Second, I want to tell you that your life will feel crazy for a while. Hang in there. There is hope for getting through your emotions and helping yourself feel more normal again. I don’t expect you to believe me right now, but in time, you will be able to breathe again. But for now, […]