Last weekend I attended an event that I can already tell will be one of the most pivotal moments in my life. It was called the Igniting Souls Conference. Kary Oberbrunner and David Branderhorst hosted the conference.

I attended because Kary and David have already accomplished what I want to accomplish. They have been generous with me over the last few months with their advice and time. I have watched them interact with their tribe and found them to have the same concern and commitment for their people that I want to have with mine.

They have an approach to their life and biznistry that I also want to have. They have the family and personal lives that I want to have. So I showed up. I learned. I rubbed shoulders with their tribe who also resonate with me. I signed up for more coaching from them. It was the natural response to recognizing that I was already receiving what I needed from them and wanting more of it.

I left the event feeling enriched, empowered and equipped for the weeks and months ahead of me. I pursued the help that I saw would benefit me and now I’m taking it to the next level. My life will only improve at a more rapid pace as I continue to learn from these guides who are willing to share with me what they have already learned.

What does that have to do with affair recovery? Everything–it’s the exact same path.

Everyone benefits from a guide.
Recovering from an affair is a long and arduous road. There are obstacles and unforeseen speed bumps along the way. It’s easy to get discouraged on your own. It’s easy to walk off the road and into the brambles. Taking a guide along with you on the path to recovery can make all the difference.

A guide makes the journey easier.
A guide knows the way to the end. A guide has already achieved the desired end result and is equipped to help you get there too. The guide will help you walk around the obstacles. A guide will hold your hand and help you over the speed bumps.

Guides share their knowledge and experience so that you can minimize missteps and avoid stay on track.

A guide makes the journey faster.
When my husband and I moved to a new home out in the country, it was a part of Ohio that I hadn’t spent a lot of time in. Country roads are difficult for me to find my way around because I have a hard time remembering roads that are marked with state route numbers instead of actual names, like State Street or Blazer Parkway.

One day shortly after our move, we needed to drive into the city. However, there was a detour and we needed to take a different route than normal. It was no problem for Andy. He turned right and left and right and left in just the right places and we made it to our destination in no time.

Without him in the car, I would likely have ended up in Michigan. I couldn’t tell one road from the next. Plus, I didn’t get GPS reception on my phone all the time way out in the boondocks. I would surely have gotten lost without my knowledgeable guide. I was so glad to have someone who knew the way with me so we could get where we wanted to be on time.

What would I have done without a guide? Where would I have ended up? How long would it have taken? There’s no way to know.

That’s how it is for affair recovery. When there’s no one to navigate for you, you aren’t sure which way to go next. You could go several miles out of your way, losing precious time and energy and opportunity. You could resort to a smart phone for the needed guidance, but what if it just doesn’t end up being that helpful? It would be so much easier to ask someone who knows the way.

A guide makes the journey less lonely.
Have you ever taken a road trip to a place you’ve never been before on your own? Have you ever taken the same kind of road trip with a few friends? Which one was more enjoyable? On which trip did the time seem to pass more quickly?

Discovering an affair in my marriage made me feel instantly lonely. Who did I know that could understand what I was feeling? Whom could I speak with that wouldn’t judge me? Could I trust anyone with this information? Would it even help to tell someone or would it just ostracize me from my friends?

Loneliness is a real complication to a painful situation. You’re already suffering, and then you feel like no one gets you and you’re all alone in your pain. There’s no one to support you when you get tired. There’s no one to answer questions when you need feedback. Your only support and feedback comes from the smart phone in your pocket– and that’s not always a reliable source of help.

Kary and David get my pain. They don’t criticize me for having questions. They don’t make me feel stupid. They just offer to walk with me.

A guide for your affair recovery gets your pain. She doesn’t judge or criticize you or wonder how you got to this miserable situation. She just walks with you and helps you know what to do next.

Do you have a guide?
Andy and I have articles to help you on your path of affair recovery. Spend some time on this website and read the articles that apply to you. We also have a Facebook group to answer your questions more directly. Have you joined the group yet? Click here to join. We can’t answer your questions if we don’t know what you’re wondering.

Set yourself up to win.
There’s a passage of Scripture that says, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.”

I have set myself up with experienced guides to help me reach my goals more easily, with less fear, and more quickly than I could on my own. I am not walking alone so I am in less danger of failing. The chances of my success have increased exponentially. My guides will make all the difference on my journey.

The same advantage is offered to you on your journey of affair recovery. Gaining support on your journey begins with scheduling a discovery call. Email to set up a time. Set yourself up for success. Give yourself the one thing that will make the difference in your affair recovery.