Trauma & Affair Recovery

You may have found your way to this website because you are in great pain. You feel overwhelmed by the fact that you were betrayed by the one person on earth you thought you could trust with your heart, life, and future. Your entire world seems to be crashing down on you.

Does this Sound Like You?

Is your mind filled with obsessive thoughts like,

  • How could someone who loves me hurt me in such an awful, heartless way?
  • Why did this happen? Is the affair partner so much better than me?
  • How can I be sure this won’t happen again?

Or, perhaps, if you are the unfaithful spouse,

  • Will my spouse ever be able to forgive me?
  • What will others think when they discover what a terrible person I am?
  • How many details should I disclose about the affair?

We are going to help you sleep at night and experience joy in your life again.

We Know How You Feel.

There was a time in our own lives when the above questions applied to us. Our seemingly healthy marriage was invaded by a devastating affair. We thought things like affairs happened only to bad people who were in bad marriages, not to people like us. Our affair didn’t make sense and we didn’t know how to “fix it.” We attempted marriage counseling, but it was unhelpful. Our therapist didn’t understand us or our pain. Trying to “forgive and forget,” sweeping it under the rug, pretending like it never happened, and trying to “move on” and “get over it” were bad strategies as well.

Eventually, through many hours of talking about the affair, being emotionally honest with one another, coaching, reading, taking courses, renewing our minds, and getting the right help, we began to understand, to heal, and to grow. The affair became a catalyst for us to reexamine who we were as people, who we wanted to be, and what kind of marriage we wanted to have. Eventually, our perspective shifted from it being something that happened “to us” to something that happened “for us.”

We can’t credit the affair with the higher level of marital fulfillment and personal development that we’ve been able to experience. We can only credit the grace of God who turns what man intends for evil into good. We hate that the affair happened, but it did force us to do the necessary work to achieve a greater level of passion, intimacy and personal growth. That’s why our mess is our message.

There is Hope for You.

There is hope to be found in rising from the ashes of betrayal. This goes beyond merely coping with an affair. This is about getting a new lease on life.

We are confident that, with the right coaching, you can be among the most emotionally healthy, mature, and confident people on the planet. You can experience a new way of thinking and living that will not only impact your marriage, but the rest of your life and relationships as well.

Most of the people you know are far too easily pleased with their life and marriage as it now is. However, you have reached a crisis point. The state of your life and marriage demand change. You can experience change. You can have the future you never dreamed possible!

We can help.

We are Andy and Becky Hadaway and we specialize in changing the lives of people just like you. We will guide you toward genuine healing, restoring intimacy, rebuilding trust, and reaching post-traumatic growth.

You can have victory over your thoughts and emotions. Your life is not over. Actually, you may be at the threshold of something amazing, transforming, and incredibly satisfying.

Apply for your free 30 minute coaching call today! Learn how we can offer you hope for recovery and guide you toward emotional healing, relational intimacy and personal growth.